Surrogate Compensation

While delivering a baby for another family is an extraordinary experience, gestational surrogacy is a physical and emotional journey, which warrants proper compensation for the surrogate mother. The money paid to surrogates can help buy a car, put a down payment on a new home, pay off debt, allow them to get paid while staying home with their own young children, or even working their regular job.

Surrogate mother pay can vary, but the average surrogate living in Florida is paid a base of $40,000-$50,000 with additional compensation and benefits based on whether she’s an experienced gestational carrier and whether she has health insurance.

Starting at

$40,000 – $50,000+

Once a base fee is established, a surrogate will receive additional payments of:


for the start of medications (excluding birth control)


for the embryo transfer


for a positive pregnancy test (with a beta that exceeds 100)

The total compensation package and payment disbursements is governed by a legal contract to protect both the surrogate mother and the intended parents.

Surrogate Reimbursement

GS’s living expense reimbursement is approximately $45,000.00, but it may vary depending on the specific circumstances of each case.

Proposed Surrogate’s Living Expense Reimbursement Schedule:
Additional reimbursements for unexpected medical situations:

Surrogate’s Living Expense Reimbursement FAQ’s

1What is the typical living expense reimbursement for surrogates?

The living expense reimbursement for surrogates usually starts at $40,000 for first-time surrogates, with experienced surrogates receiving higher amounts. However, these are estimates and subject to individual circumstances.

2When does the living expense reimbursement for a surrogate begin?

The living expense reimbursement typically starts with the commencement of medications and continues at various times before confirmation of pregnancy and periodically throughout the pregnancy.

3Is there a stipend included in the living expense reimbursement for surrogates?

Yes, surrogates receive a $300 monthly stipend beginning upon execution of the Gestational Surrogacy Agreement. This stipend covers miscellaneous expenses such as local travel, childcare for medical appointments, and other incidental expenses.

4Are there additional living expense reimbursements for surrogates under specific circumstances?

Yes, surrogates may receive additional living expense reimbursements if they deliver via Caesarean section or if they carry and deliver multiples. These additional amounts are paid in the final disbursement to the surrogate.

5How are lost wages reimbursed for surrogates?

Lost wages for surrogates are based on the surrogate's net pay, confirmed by her pay stubs. Wages are reimbursed for time missed from work due to doctor appointments and if the surrogate is put on bed rest by her doctor. Post-delivery, the surrogate will also be reimbursed for lost wages.

6Are housekeeping and childcare expenses covered for surrogates on bed rest?

Yes, if the surrogate is put on bed rest by her doctor, she receives an allowance for housekeeping expenses and reasonable reimbursement for childcare expenses if applicable.

7Who covers travel expenses for surrogates during the surrogacy process?

The surrogacy agency or intended parents usually cover all reasonable travel expenses incurred by the surrogate, including mileage, accommodations, and meals.

8Are there reimbursements for specific procedures related to the surrogacy process?

Yes, the surrogate is reimbursed for beginning the medications necessary for a gestational surrogacy and for each actual transfer attempt. These reimbursements are separate from the living expense reimbursement.

9Are maternity clothes provided for surrogates?

Yes, the surrogate receives reimbursements for maternity clothes at specific stages of pregnancy, with $600 provided at 16 weeks and an additional $300 at 24 weeks.

10How are medical expenses handled for surrogates?

Medical and laboratory expenses for surrogates depend on the chosen medical providers. Additionally, both the surrogate and intended parents may undergo psychological evaluations, with fees ranging from $350 to $1,000, paid directly to the provider.

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