A Gestational Carrier’s Story

When I first set out on this journey to carry another couple’s child, my intentions were really geared towards the financial gain. I was definitely taken care of financially, but I would never have imagined the journey would turn into something so amazing and life changing.

I remember the moment and the look in their eyes when they asked me “will you have our baby?” after only an hour of meeting for coffee getting to know each other and listening to their story of why they couldn’t conceive on their own.  I usually don’t move this fast, but I said “yes!”

And so it began: Through all of the medications, injections, doctor appointments and blood tests to get my body ready, the day finally came. Two embryos, created from the biological material of commissioning couple Marc and Rita, were transferred into my uterus. Transfer day was emotional to say the least. I so wanted this to work for them, they wanted children so badly and I wanted to help make their dreams come true.

A couple of weeks passed and it was back to the IVF clinic for The Moment of Truth. A positive blood test is what we were looking for and that’s what we got! YAY!

A few weeks later it was on to the ultrasound to check the development of the sac and embryo. Instead of one, the doctor found two, TWO babies, each in their own sac. Fraternal twins, oh my gosh, I’m pregnant with twins! It took some time for it to sink in for me – twins! (I still can’t believe that I carried twins.)  I will never forget the look on their faces.

Through the months of watching my belly grow and watching the amazement through my four year old daughter’s eyes, something else was growing too, the bond with Marc and Rita. I never thought that we would become as close as we have. They were becoming part of my family as we were becoming part of theirs. Marc and Rita showed my daughter and me so much love and support it still amazes me. During the last few weeks the pregnancy, and while being placed on moderate bed rest, the support team that Marc and Rita relied on spilled over onto me. Their friends actually made dinners for me and delivered them to me personally to my home!

The morning my water broke was filled with excitement for me, for everyone that had supported me and especially for Marc and Rita. Two babies delivered by C-section, two beautiful baby girls, 12:01 & 12:02 pm – Jillian and Abbie – June 22nd, 2011.

Marc, Rita, Jillian & Abbie – I got so much more than just the financial gain, I have a forever bond with four amazing people and the hope that one day my daughter will look back and see how rewarding it is to give such a beautiful gift.

I wouldn’t trade one day of this experience for anything!

I wish you all the best on your journey should you decide that surrogacy is the path you want to take to either give the gift of life, to help add to or to begin your family.